Speed up your tests.

I wasn't happy with the time it took to run my test suite for a project so I investigated two options and I was able to go from 51 seconds to 7 seconds which is a huge improvement.

Laravel 8 factory states

Exploring the exiting new possibilities with Laravel 8 factory states

Testing with Laravel

If you want to deploy with confidence and you have a rather complex project, you'll need to have some tests. Why, what and how to test for a Laravel 7.x project.

Street Art in Buenos Aires with Google maps

Buenos Aires is a treasure trove for street art. Most city blocks (and there are lots of them) have at least one interesting graffiti, sticker and/or poster.

SEO guide to boost traffic

Search engines try to get their users the most relevant/valuable information. For this, they use complex algorithms to determine the relevance and popularity...