Statamic: first impressions

Somewhere around 2003, I had to create a custom management system (CMS) for a project. It has served me and the projects well. However, only maintaining it, would take more than one full time job. Therefore, the decision was made to try out another CMS.

Writing images for the modern web

If you're not using the WebP format and you are writing images as a simple img tag, you're missing out on speed improvements, accessibility and SEO. What, why and how to use a custom Laravel blade component with a fallback.

Thou shall not write any comments

There was a time when I believed you had to write comments to document how your code works. These days, I believe that you can improve the readability of your code in better ways.

Speed up your tests

I wasn't happy with the time it took to run my test suite for a project so I investigated two options and I was able to go from 51 seconds to 7 seconds which is a huge improvement.

Testing with Laravel

If you want to deploy with confidence and you have a rather complex project, you'll need to have some tests. Why, what and how to test for a Laravel 7.x project.


I created the first version of the CMS when a client wanted an easy tool to update their website. More than fifteen years later, the admin system has evolved...

SEO guide to boost traffic

Search engines try to get their users the most relevant/valuable information. For this, they use complex algorithms to determine the relevance and popularity...

Street Art in Buenos Aires with Google Maps

Buenos Aires is a treasure trove for street art. Most city blocks (and there are lots of them) have at least one interesting graffiti, sticker and/or poster.