SEO guide to boost traffic

SEO guide to boost traffic

Search engines try to get their users the most relevant/valuable information. For this, they use complex algorithms to determine the relevance and popularity of a webpage, document, image, ... The information is based on hundreds of factors. Here are in my opinion some of the most important and what you can do to improve the traffic to your site.

Graffiti from Georgina Ciotti in Barracas
Georgina Ciotti's bull in Barracas, Buenos Aires

Street Art in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a treasure trove for street art. Most city block (and there are lots of them) have at least one interesting graffiti, sticker and/or poster...

Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Buenos Aires
Parque Lezama, Buenos Aires with the Russian orthodox church of the Holy Trinity in the background.

Mini guide to Buenos Aires

In 2017, I was able to live for 3 months in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, also known as “the Paris of South America” (with broad avenues and some nice architecture, parks…) Here is this gringo's mini guide...