is an admin system that I have built for my projects.

The first version started when a client wanted an easy tool to update their website. More than fifteen years later, the admin system has evolved into a flexible and handy tool that I use for all my projects. I was inspired by CMS systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel Administrator and Laravel Voyager.

Look & Feel

Originaly, the clients were people from the creative sector, so it was important to build a clean, intuitive and consistent user interface. Ajax is extensively used for a smoother user experience.


The admin system comes as a component package from a private repository. Once included in Laravel, all the fields, rules, permissions, actions etc can easily be set with config files.

Used With

I have succesfully used the admin system for all kinds of portfolio websites (architects, photographers, shops, politicians) as well as big data projects such as E-shops, CRM (customer relationship management) and even a LMS (Learning Management System).


Built With